Thursday, February 16, 2012

Indelible: not to be forgotten or removed

Coming from a family of immigrants, I do not have very many tangible items that link me to my past.  Perhaps that is why I have a particular affinity for vintage and antique items.  I love the memories that each one holds, especially knowing that these items were used and loved.

You can imagine my delight when I married BK whose family saves just about everything.  Not only do they have a rich oral history, there are also keepsakes and special items to pass down to retell their family stories.  BK's grandma has always made a note of items to save and "put our name on", items that we will be able to care for and continue to tell their stories to the next generation.  I know that in the end, these objects are simply things but the shared experiences around them create an indelible impression.  The sight, feel and use of these objects serve to keep these treasured moments alive in our hearts and minds...

The egg dish that held many batches of deviled eggs, a great granddaughter's favorite.  The Pyrex mixing bowls, a reminder of the many cookies lovingly mixed and baked for grandsons.  A quilt pieced together by hands from many generations ago and brought out every spring.  Fiesta ware chipped but still bright from serving a growing family.  These mere objects serve as potent reminders and help keep the precious memories close.

Dearest Grandma L, you will be missed but always loved and remembered.


  1. Another beautiful post. Hopefully we can get all our treasures before they disappear (Dad, I'm talking to you and your dumpster). :)