Monday, August 13, 2012

Juwelblatt: Bird Market in Paris print

A find at a flea market this weekend.  Love the colorful puffball birds.  Google hasn't helped much in searching for the artist Juwelblatt.  Any ideas?


  1. I think Juwelblatt may not be the artist's name. It might mean something else. In German, it means "Leaf Jewel". Maybe it's the type of print because I found it on these ebay listing which are prints from different artists.

    1. oh good call! Makes more sense that it's the "type" of print. I will take a picture of the words on the back so maybe we can sleuth out more about it!

  2. I just bought this full print and it says the artist is Busse

  3. I know this is YEARS since you posted this, but I am so excited to find it! I have treasured a copy of this drawing since about 1980 that was published on the back cover of Reader's Digest and have repeatedly tried to find out who the artist is. I don't suppose you have found out anything more about it?