Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Da Conch Shack

One of our favorite places we ate at was a local place called Da Conch Shack.  It's on the other side of the main island of Providenciales and we were happy to have rented a car for the week (even if B had to drive on the left side) so we could explore the island and visit Da Conch Shack.

View of the older conch shells on the way in.  The restaurant is on the beach where they fish for conch and prepare it fresh for you.

The menu featuring their famous rum punch and further on down the menu, you'll notice that a "Fuzzy Happy Feeling" is FREE!

We ordered cracked conch (similar to fried calamari), along with conch fritters and homemade fries and rice and beans.

And as always in T&C, every meal comes with a view!

Here's a quick video showing some parts of the restaurant and bar as well as the shelves of polished conch shells you can purchase for souvenirs (you'll hear them blowing on the conch shells near the beginning and then again at the end of the video).  You'll also hear a hammering noise and that's part of the process of getting the conch meat out of its shell. You can also see the kids fishing for conch quite close to the shoreline (the blue water is slightly darker because of all the conch on the ocean floor)

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