Monday, April 25, 2011

Vintage Monday: Fox bangle

I was admiring the cover of the April Lucky magazine of Zooey Dechanel (so cute!) when her bracelet caught my eye:

This adorable fox bangle from Moss Mills reminded me of a similar vintage one I found at a little store in Tallahassee last summer.  Here he is!

Almost identical right?  I guess what goes around comes around, especially in fashion!  And speaking of fashion, I've been thinking of posting a bit more about this other interest of mine, especially vintage clothing that I adore.  I just have to work the nerve up to post pictures of myself online, as well as figure out how to get B to take relatively flattering pictures of me.  I swear it's his mission in life to take the most awkward shots he can get of me.  Probably because then he won't have to take pictures at all...hmmm...I'm catching on to his little game...


  1. i want that.
    leo does the same thing with pictures. they're always horrible.

  2. What are you talking about? You are adorable, show the world!

  3. I'm from Tallahassee...what's the name of the shop? BTW, I just found your blogs via HGS via Kendi Everyday, and I LOVE your style!

  4. Hi Jessica! I totally miss shopping in Tallahassee--there are some great finds to be had there! Let me know what your email address is (I won't publish the comment) and I'll send you my list of favorite places!