Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Great food in Barbados

We ate our fill of seafood and local cuisine while in Barbados.  We sampled everything from restaurant dining at L'Azure at the Crane, to grabbing a table at Oisten's Fish Market as well as the drive through at Cheffette (the local fast food chain)

Roti (I believe a West Indies version) with chicken and potato at Ackee Tree

And of course a lot of meals came with a view including this one at Atlantis Hotel.  
They had a great Bajan buffet--lots of flying fish and macaroni pie!

The view of Bathsheba, on the rugged east coast facing the Atlantic

Lunch (flying fish again) at Carib Beach Cafe

Great view of the Carribbean

I'm not sure which I miss the most--the food or the view!

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  1. That view is amazing, so I vote the view!