Monday, July 25, 2011

Vintage Monday: Arc lamp

I've been looking for an arc lamp for some time now and was saving up my pennies for this CB2 version.  Well two weeks ago, we went up to Sun City, Georgetown (a retirement community) to check out an estate sale and came across this lamp.  At that point, we had already committed to buying a mid century bedroom suite (more on that to come later) and so B was not too happy about the thought of cramming in another item into our car.  However, the price was less than a third of what I originally wanted to pay so I happily added it to our pile of items despite eye rolling and sighs directed my way.  The lamp came apart in three pieces so we were able to fit it in the car easily and set it up in its new home in our living room.  It is an original 60s brass lamp with a really heavy base to compensate for the arc and keep it steady.

I love how it works with the fireplace and high ceilings.  We're debating on spray painting it (a color or silver) but may just keep it as is.  Thoughts?