Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wedding flowers

Yesterday, I had the honor of witnessing my good friend Grechen's wedding.  I offered to make her bouquet and then belatedly realized I had little experience.  I made my own bouquet 7 years ago and remembered thinking it should've been left to the professionals.  Thankfully the guys at Austin Flower Company were really patient and helpful with throwing out ideas and flower combinations and also some mad google-ing saved the day.  I wanted a bouquet that reflected the bride's taste: simple, modern and just a little unique.  I chose green-white hydrangeas to give the bouquet shape, hot orange tulips for color and bear grass to create some interest.  For the groom's boutineer, I used another hot orange tulip, bear grass and some berries the flower guys suggested.  In case he got hungry and needed a snack...  At the end of the day, the flowers were just part of the background as the beaming smiles of the bridge and groom, the quietly spoken vows, and shared laughter took center stage.  Congrats Grechen and Leo!



  1. That looks great! Very chic and modern. ;)

  2. What a great job you did! It sounds like it was a lovely ceremony.

  3. New hobby! Sharon, these look great. What a sweet way to be involved in someone's wedding.