Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend in Instagram

B, the pups and I drove up to Dallas this weekend to "house sit" for his sister.  In actuality, the house did not need a sitter, so maybe we were actually squatters.  After enduring 55 days of 100 degree weather this year, the pool was a welcome respite.

 Grilling dinner

The pups weren't quite convinced they wanted to dive in, 
though Kirby did wander too close to the edge and fell in (he's fine folks)

And our newest favorite discovery--Pinkberry salted caramel frozen yogurt with crispy crepe pieces.  B, who normally grimaces after a bite of frozen yogurt, swiped this away from me and I had to get another one.  It's that awesome.

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  1. Always glad to have you. :) Will have to try the pinkbery. yum-o.