Friday, October 7, 2011

Favorite Friday Recipe: Ko lo mee

This is one of our favorite meals to eat in Singapore and something we never thought we could recreate.  It turns out that it's a really simple recipe, especially if you use some short cuts like we did! 

Ko lo mee (also may be known as dry wanton noodles)

BBQ pork: 
  • buy from your favorite Chinese restaurant (this is the aforementioned short cut!  but B has found a recipe for this so we might be trying it out soon)

  • I have no idea what these are called.  I just got some from the Asian grocery store that looked vaguely familiar and then asked the checkout counter lady
  • Cut vegetables into 4-5 inch long pieces
  • Blanche in hot water for 2 minutes
  • Place in ice bath
  • Drain and let sit before adding to noodles and pork

  • These can be found in the freezer section of the Asian grocery store, hopefully it'll say "Wanton Noodles" in English on the packet
  • Boil water and place noodles in one spiral at a time -- 3 minutes
  • Strain noodles out and place in cold water for 1 minute
  • Put back into boiling water for 1 minute (supposedly this process makes the noodles more "al dente" like.  I think it helps with the starch)
  • Drain and mix with sauce

  • Mix 1 tbsp oyster sauce, 1 tbsp sweet dark sauce (this should be thick), 1 tsp soy sauce and 1/2 tsp sesame oil
  • Add one spiral of noodles and mix
  • Serve vegetables and meat on noodles and enjoy! 

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