Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tasting menu at Perilla NYC

Sorry for the lag in blog posts, I'm currently in Cinci-tucky visiting family.  Thought I'd post some belated pictures of one of the highlights of my NYC trip last month--dinner at Perilla.  I had a wonderful time with my hosts as we sampled the delicious seven course tasting menu. 

I missed the first two dishes because we were too busy raving over them  (both seafood dishes).  Then came:

Sweetbreads (even if you fry them, they're still sweetbreads)

My favorite dish: fresh ravioli in brocolli cream sauce with shaved truffles.
I LOVE truffles and have never had such large pieces of them before--heaven!
(sorry this didn't photograph well, but look at the size of the shaved truffles!)

Duck breast with pate (this was so rich and decadent)

Served along with a duck meatball for some duck overload goodness!

At this point, our palatte cleanser, which was a refreshing sherbert with lemon curd
could have been our dessert and I would have been perfectly happy

But of course, dessert was presented and we enjoyed a minature version of
Perilla's famous chocolate souffle along with coffee cream and a freshly baked hazelnut biscotti

Delicious food and wonderful company made for a memorable evening.  Thank you Tara and Chad!

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  1. We were happy to have you! It was our treat to have such a wonderful visitor!
    Sooooo fun! And soooo delicious! I miss you so much!!!