Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Food Edition

These are sure to be a hit for your favorite foodie and also make a good hostess gift for the many holiday parties you'll be attending.  I'm putting these at the top of my list for Santa this year!

Chocolate Croissants from Williams Sonoma
Pistachio and Almond Nougat
Dulce de Leche Alfajores from Dulce Caramel Co.
Foodzie Artisian Beef Jerky Tasting Box


  1. Have you ever ordered those croissants? They are on my list to buy as gifts this year.

  2. S--I haven't yet! They're always on my list but I haven't gotten them yet. I cannot see going wrong with pastries AND chocolate :)

    Btw, the alfajores are to die for--I bet you'll love them!

  3. I'm drooling all over my keyboard!

    Do the croissant come fully baked or frozen? These are the kind of things you can't ge tin Canada. Thank god a local bakery has frozen croissants to die for, that you thaw in the oven overnight and than bake!

  4. The croissants are frozen and you let them rise overnight and bake! I wish I had a local bakery like yours!