Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Around the garden: Early May

We potted new flowers and succulents for the patio this past weekend

The vegetable garden is doing well.  We had to get rid of the spaghetti squash--it kind of outgrew the space I think, then suddenly died.  Now I think the cherry tomatoes will take over.


My mother in law gave us flower bulbs from her garden and we were so excited to see the first one bloom--a calla lily!


  1. Yay! Your garden looks very happy. :) Your lily is beautiful. Will those come back every year?

  2. we've been getting lots of rain this spring--fingers crossed for more! I think we might have to dig up the bulbs during the winter and replant during the spring but I'm not too sure.

  3. Your garden looks so lovely. The calla lilly makes me smile! How pretty. I wish we could garden in Arizona. I settle for flowering cactuses.