Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday: A garden that grows

Our raised bed garden adventure began a year ago.  You can check out its evolution and how we made the raised bed here, our giddiness at the first signs of prosperity,  and enjoying the fruits of our labor here and here

We've learned a lot of lessons last season, namely to water more frequently and in the mornings, build trellises sooner,  and plant more realistic vegetables that we can and will actually consume (remember my sole green bean harvest?)

So this year, B cleaned out the garden bed, added a few bags of organic cotton compost and we were ready to plant!

The garden bed always looks so neat and tidy in the beginning... 

This year, we've chosen cherry tomatoes 
(we figured this might give us a slight advantage 
over beating the squirrels to harvest first)

Seedless Japanese cucumbers and Persian cucumbers
(same seeds from last year)

And just to break it up a bit, I chose a Thai hot pepper 
(perfect to spice up Vietnamese spring rolls this summer)

And B chose a Habanero Pepper (on the far right)  
to spite the squirrels I think

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  1. I am jealous of your raised beds! I think we are going to plant this weekend. Hooray for gardens!