Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DIY: Vegetable garden late May update

Several happenings in the garden while I was gone last week.  Mainly good and exciting things though my poor squash did get nabbed by a critter.  Here are the April and beginning of May updates for comparison.  It's exciting to see all the new growth and vegetables starting to take form!

By the way, the cucumber plant has tripled in size in the past week!  It went from being in one square to now nearly covering six squares!  I think the poor holey swiss chard is not going to make it in this vegetable death match.

Tiny cucumbers starting to grow

The squash is making a comeback!

Tomatoes are getting bigger (we're going to have to build a trellis soon)

A jalapeno pepper! (B is very excited about this little guy)

And I thought they were a lost cause but the green beans rallied and are looking great!

Side note: Does anyone have any recommendations for a natural bug pesticide? 

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  1. Try Sevin - it only kills bugs and they go to bug heaven with a smile, so it must be good for the environment.