Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday: Etsy goodies part 4

Yet another installment of my recent favorites from Etsy.  This time, I'm featuring collections of items.  Some items may look random on their own, but when there is a grouping of them, somehow it makes a stunning visual impact.  If 1 is good, just think how much better 3 or 4 would be!  This rule does not apply to squirrels.

Example: One bunny from ArtMind = cute

Many bunnies = even better

A collection of bottles from Twoartdirectors:

Bell jar with mini eggs also from Twoartdirectors:

Laser cut wood doilies from Uncommon:

Mini creamers from PigeonToeCeramics:

And finally a hilarious collection of cards from NavyBlueNotes:

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  1. Thank-you for adding my cards to such a lovely collection!