Monday, May 17, 2010

Vintage Monday: Treasure hunting

So you've seen most of my treasures on Vintage Mondays.  Today, I thought I'd show you where the treasures usually come from.  I do a lot of online shopping through ebay and etsy, but what I love best is to be able to view and touch things in person.  Bonus points if you have to dig for it.

There are vintage/antique stores that are carefully edited, and then there are stores that believe in cramming in items onto every available surface.  These stores tend to have the best deals and it's fun to root around and see what you can come up with after all the dust has settled.

Vintage shopping/thrifting is not for the faint of heart.  I present you exhibit A:

Just think about walking into this room.  Is this your worst nightmare?  Or do you feel lightheaded with all the possibilties?

Let's say you decide to take a step forward and examine the room a little closer.  Do you say to yourself: "Why on earth is there a neon palm tree in here?"  Or do you think "Hey, that would be perfect for the patio!" (don't worry honey I didn't get it)

These pictures are from Good Finds, a really fun place to dig and browse here in Tallahassee.  And just when you're about crossed eyed from all the goodness in the store, you go outside and up some rickety stairs at your own peril...

To find another floor of treasures waiting to be unearthed 

Sometimes you come out empty handed.  And sometimes you come out lucky...

But most of all, if you are willing to look high and low, you'll always find something that'll give you a good laugh!


  1. That actually looks like fun, digging through everything to find treasures. I hope you will post what you bought!

  2. I think you better start looking for a bigger house :).