Saturday, March 6, 2010

DIY: wooden bird key holder

Here's a project that B and I completed a little while ago. We've been trying to create a little nook in our kitchen to place miscellaneous items like our keys, cell phones, wallet, etc. when we come in through the garage door. After searching around for a key holder, I came upon one on etsy and decided to try to create our own version.

Here's how it went down:
  1. B began by cutting out a piece of wood (using leftover scraps from an existing project) and sanded it down to size
  2. Then we dabbled around in Microsoft Office, printed out the bird and letters, traced the sillouettes onto contact paper, cut them out and arranged them onto the wood
  3. Using a bright cheery yellow acrylic paint, we brushed on 2-3 coats. After it was dry, we peeled off the contact paper to reveal the letters and birds underneath
  4. The whole piece was finished off with a few coats of Krylon spray gloss, which helped to bring out the grain in the wood
  5. B then attached the hooks and added two more in the back so we could hang it!
**Please note that I edited out all the squabbling that took place about just how big the birds needed to be and the reasons why B's initial couldn't go first, the doubts I had about whether we should have bought banana yellow instead of sunflower yellow paint, and how it's really not ideal to spray Krylon in an enclosed area...

All in all we had fun working on this little project. We've just about got the little nook all set up so expect pictures of that soon!

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  1. it looks like you are also displaying your "love birdness" while keeping your keys handy! good job!