Monday, March 1, 2010

Vintage Monday: Catherineholm teapot

I'm so proud to show off my latest vintage goodness--a Valentine's Day present from B! I guess he does read this blog after all. Note to self: remember to post a ton on wishlist wednesdays

Of course I'm crazy about Catherineholm and I love this teapot--it looks great on the stove. I'm so pleased to have this as my first piece (and hopefully not my last!). Thanks honey!

Here it is in the kitchen:

And admiring its own reflection here:

And speaking of Valentine's Day gifts, here was what I got B. A lovely etsy-er, duetletterpress, hand drew a picture of our house and then letterpressed it onto cards. I got some as moving annoucements complete with our names and addresses and she was sweet enough to also do a plain one with a little phrase underneath. I framed it on a floating frame (bought from Michaels with yet another 50% coupon) and we're hunting for the perfect spot to hang it!

And a closeup--look at the great details!

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  1. This is so cute! I need to own a home again.