Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday: all about bowls

I thought the middle of the week would be an appropriate time to share the many things on my wishlist.

Today, it's all about bowls! Gorgeous bowls that not only look great as decoration but serve a functional purpose. In our home, bowls are handy to put fruit and vegetables in, great storage for keys, loose change or dog treats, and perfect for displaying pretty objects.

Here are some of my favorite wishlist bowls:

Words cannot even describe how I feel about these felted wool bowls from delica's etsy shop . There's something about the warm and fuzzy felt and organic shape that I love. I can just picture putting little spools of vintage thread in these as decoration on my table or shelf.

The next set of bowls are by Fire King. Not only are they such a unique teardrop shape but they are nesting bowls as well! That's double the goodness! I first saw these at the Citywide Garage Sale and balked at the price for the set of three (and there was a crack in the smallest bowl). I did some research online, checked on ebay, and managed to win an auction for the medium and large bowl for a decent price! So I guess these aren't technically a wishlist item either, but I am trying to track down a small size now to complete my set now (well actually, I think the set comes with 4 bowls but I'd be happy with 3). My bowls are the delphite blue ones. Evidently there are jadeite ones as well but they are more than 2-3 times expensive. Now those are definitely wishlist items! (pictures from ebay and etsy)

Finally, a HUGE wishlist want: Catherineholm enamel lotus patterned bowls. These are so so popular right now and I've seen selected colors go for crazy prices on ebay. I keep hoping to stumble across them in a little corner of a thrift store somewhere but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. I might just have to track down the color I want and pay the premium for it. (Pictures from a Catherineholm fan flickr group)

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