Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday: Snack time!

There are not too many words that I react to with such delight as the words: snack time! I am never one to turn down a snack, big or small, and actually the running joke at work is that whenever anyone comes into my office I am always in the midst of eating something.

This post combines two of my great loves--snacks and kitchenware. Nothing sets the tone of a good snack more than arranging it on adorable plates. I love the following snack plate sets because they come complete with cups--perfect for tea and scones...and cookies...and cake...

Franciscan starburst snack plate set (holy grail--it sold on ebay for $$$!)

Cute retro print snack plate set in fun colors

Fire king snack plate set with a great blue mosaic

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