Monday, January 11, 2010

Vintage Monday: finds from Missouri

Mondays are the absolute worst days (rivaling the Sunday night blues) and so I thought it'd be nice to introduce Vintage Mondays which will feature vintage/antique items that I've acquired and am presently hoarding. Quick note on definitions (just a general guideline, some people are sticklers) Vintage = 30 years or older and Antique = 90-100 years or older

Why the vintage/antique love? I guess I really like the sense of history and sentiment that comes with a piece--I wonder about who owned it last and like to believe that it was used with love. I also love that these items are relatively unique, well made (not as mass produced as things these days) and falls perfectly in line with the whole green mentality of reusing resources.

There are several methods to my vintage acquisitions: ebay, etsy, garage sales, thrift/vintage stores, antique malls, and a new source: B's grandma's and dad's attics.

Today my finds come from the latter. Because my mom is a thrower, I do not have many items from my childhood or further back. B's family on the other hand keeps everything which is too awesome for words. Today the items featured came home with us after our Christmas trip to Missouri.

A metal Rainbo bread sign from B's dad (he has one hanging in his kitchen as well). It was found in a barn on the farm. (pictured with an orange Melmac sugar/creamer set from the Citywide Garage sale and my Martha Stewart recipe box)

An old Underwood typewriter complete with carrying case. I have always wanted one and how special that B has memories of playing on this when he was little!

Old Fiesta ware from the 1940s. This collection completely eclipses everything I own (with one exception, and that's for another Monday). The story behind this: B's grandma started buying these plates in the 40s when she was single and continued purchasing them after she was married. Lisa (B's sister) found these in grandma's attic a couple of years ago and put them up for display in her home. I was so excited and amazed and jealous to see them--they are in good condition but you can tell they were used (some chips and cracks) which makes them even more valuable in my opinion because they were used and loved! Anyways, after years of hearing me gush about them, Lisa decided to surprise me with them for Christmas!! I was stunned and am still blown away by that gesture of thoughtfulness. And then I proceeded to get my grubby little hands on the box and run out the door before she changed her mind! The old colors are becoming increasingly expensive in the collector's market so I never thought I would be able to own a collection like this. And to have such a great story to go along with it!

Here they are sitting in our kitchen cupboard. (notice the empty shelf above for perhaps future pieces?)

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