Thursday, January 28, 2010

Flowers of the month: January

I love having fresh flowers in the house but it feels so decadent to be buying them all the time. So Jill and I decided that we'd trade off each month--she'll buy enough flowers for two arrangements for January, I'll buy February's flowers and so on. That way we each get flowers at least once a month and it's fun to be surprised every other month! We actually started this tradition last year, and although we (ok I) lost momentum around October, it was so fun that we decided to try it again this year.

Jill kicked off this year with some delicate pink spray roses for January. I wish I had thought to take a picture of them after day 3 when they bloomed even more. Roses have such an great classic vibe to them and yet the spray roses are petite and not overpowering like regular ones. They were also perfect in the glass jar--very simple and balanced out the formalness that roses sometimes have.The pink was a great choice too--I couldn't decide whether to put them on the kitchen counter where they could be seen all the time or on the dining room table set with an antique lace tablecloth. Thanks Jill!

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  1. so pretty! love the glass jar idea!