Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday: etsy goodies

Today my wishlist comprises of items found on etsy. I am seriously addicted to this site. There is a huge vintage portion that I scour daily for lost objects, but also a handmade section that is incredible! I love the idea of things that are handmade with love and care. The amount of detail, talent, creativity and work put into these items is just amazing. My secret dream is to open an etsy store one day though I have no idea what I'd put in the shop. Many of my handmade items are cobbled together with little to no quality control. These items are doubtful even for gifting let alone selling. (hence why all my jewelry making endeavors end up being gifted to my mom who will wear them out of duty--thanks mom!)

Here are a few handcrafted etsy items currently saved in my wishlist. Enjoy!

Chandelier in natural birch by Uncommon

Foxy pillow cover by humblecollection

Giclee print by JennSki

Felted pebble handsoap by delica

And get ready for a tiny squeal: a bell cupcake stand and bird vase by whitneysmith

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