Sunday, January 10, 2010

Look I actually made something!

I am proud of my first wreath project here for many reasons. (1) Because I actually braved the craft store to get supplies (2) Because I didn't give up or get distracted and wander away and actually completed this wreath. And (3)because I actually took a picture of it. I've realized that one of my biggest challenges will be pictures for this blog. Words I've got, pictures are a bit trickier to attain.

Anyways, I was inspired to make this wreath by a post on designsponge, one of my favorite blogs. The original instructions called for some sort of twine/rope and to use Scotch Brite sponges and those crinkle scissors to give the leaves texture.

After two failed attempts to remember to pick up Scotch Brite at Target, I went with felt instead. I also got very overwhelmed at Michaels (craft store) and decided to go with yarn instead of the twine. I liked the way it turned out but note to self: when wrapping wreath forms, go with larger/wider yarn--this thing took forever to cover! The felt leaves I could've been more careful about cutting but at that point (Dec 23) I was already out of time to even display the wreath. B and I saw the little blue bird at Michaels and couldn't resist. Yes I am that crazy bird lady.

Here's the breakdown:
Wreath form: $3.99
Yarn: $2.50
Felt: $2.00
Little blue bird: $1.99
Total cost: $10.48 before tax
Total time: 1.5 hrs (but spaced out with many internet breaks)

Closeup of finished project:

Feeling somewhat ambitious after this, I've decided to try to make one wreath a month for the next year. I hope I haven't peaked too early.

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  1. I think your wreath is beautiful and SO creative!! I don't know if you intended for the yarn to look like wood, but the wreath part actually looks like birch wood! You added just enough holly leaves and berries for people to know the theme, without going overboard! The bird is a nice touch too! Very artsy yet simple!! I love it!!