Friday, January 8, 2010

I have succumbed

It is the year 2010 and I have started a blog. Finally. I am unsure of this endeavor for many reasons (privacy, self absorption, black hole of time, sheer laziness, etc.) but will give it a go nonetheless because I actually may have something to blog about now!

One of the things I've been mulling over in the past few months has been about fostering my creative side. In fact, this spinning ballerina illusion was what started it all. Click on the link, give it a try, and see which way you see the ballerina spinning; and if you can concentrate and focus and make her switch directions. According to the article, if you see her spinning clockwise you use your right brain more; and if you see her spinning counterclockwise, then you tend to use your left side of the brain more. Well you can imagine my surprise when I saw her spinning clockwise. Me? Right brained?

Here are words that describe right brained folks:
--uses feeling
--"big picture" oriented
--imagination rules
--believes, appreciates
--spatial perception
--presents possibilities
--risk taking

I looked longingly at the list of left brained words:
--uses logic
--detail oriented
--facts rule
--can comprehend
--reality based
--forms strategies

If I concentrate hard enough, I can get the ballerina to spin counter clockwise (left brain) but it does take effort. Whereas I see her turning clockwise effortlessly (right brain).

This got me to thinking about my natural preferences as well as my learned preferences. Long story short, I think I've spent a lot of energy in the past years fostering my left brained side and it's time now to start with the right side.

So then after a lengthy introduction, here we are at the main idea of this post and start of "I can totally make that". This phrase is something that I say often and very annoyingly to my friend Jill. The scenario is oftentimes like this: we'll be out shopping, Jill will see something cute to buy and I will inevitably say "I can totally make that". You can see why this is a really annoying thing to say when coupled with the fact that even if I could make that item, I never really attempt to and thus Jill is out of said item I talked her out of buying as well as item I never produced for her.

This blog will hopefully chronicle some of my crafty endeavors as I attempt to recreate different projects. I will try to post inspiration pictures and actual pictures of what I attempt. There will be some home decorating stuff in here as well as we have just moved into a lovely home. Definitely thrift/vintage/antique finds as I scour stores in town and wherever we travel. Some fashion to satisfy my inner magpie for all things bright and shiny. And random musings and pictures of penguins and puppies when the mood strikes!

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