Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sometimes it pays off to have a blog...

December marks the trifecta of my wedding anniversary, birthday and Christmas.  Usually I take pity on B and try to buy my own gifts but this past year I wanted a few surprises.  From the heart.  Nothing I wouldn't like of course.  Because a present really shows how much you know and love someone.  No pressure, honey.  Really.

Well luckily for B (and me), he perused my past Wednesday wishlist posts, sneaked onto my etsy account to find my favorites list, and picked out some really lovely gifts this year.  I am a lucky gal and my advice to all you ladies out there is to start a blog with a wishlist and not so subtly ask your husband each day to read it.

Oh and B also hunted down something amazing that was at the top of my wishlist.  Can you guess what it is?  I'll post pictures on Monday...


  1. Something Pyrex????? He did a great job!

  2. Aw, way to go B!

    I think I have a mate to that last vase. Whitney Smith?

  3. He did do a great job! Is the big surprise a handbag?

  4. I always hope that's going to happen with my wishlists ;) Happy B-day & anniversary!!

  5. Sydney--pyrex is always a good guess! (and I did get some little snack bowls from him!)

    Rebecca--yes the vase is whitney smith--love her work!

    Desert flower--I did get a handbag for myself...