Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday: some peace and quiet

The start of the school semester always brings mass chaos at work.  There is a lot of creative and intense problem solving, bad news to bear, and soothing panicked or upset students/parents.  I am absolutely looking forward to 5pm on Friday when the dust settles.  Knowing that today was going to be another rough one, I thought I'd boost myself by wearing a new favorite dress to work.  I was feeling pretty good about finishing a hectic day and rush hour drive home until B pointed out an undone button and asked if it had been unbuttoned all day.  While I saw about 30 students in my office, not to mention 100 more in the hallways, oh and the 20 that were in the class I taught today.  Note to self: get a mirror for my office.

The culprit
And before you ask, yes it was a crucial button that was undone...


  1. Oh no! Hopefully it wasn't all day, right? I went ALL day without an earring once and no one told me. Why do people do that!

  2. Great dress. Sorry about the button thing. That can be downright embarassing. Maybe you could take an OOTD pic and send to me and I'll make sure you don't leave the house less than perfect :)