Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday: casual kicks


Now that I've had to reluctantly relinquish my Ugg boots due to warmer weather, I've been wanting some casual shoes for weekend errands and here are some potential picks.  I like how fashion has come full circle as I remember wearing most of these 15-20 years ago!  And as much as I swore to never again wear them, I think I'm ready to try them out again.

Bensimon: a familiar sight from my school uniform days, 
except back then they were Keds, most definitely not French

Sperry: I've made fun of these for a while now but 
somehow they look cuter in metallic or bright colors, no?

Toms: these tend to trend a bit too hipster-ish 
for my tastes but proceeds do go to a good cause...

Tretrons: these classics have the Jcrew stamp of approval

Thoughts?  Am I missing anyone else?


  1. After resisting Tom's for a while, I finally gave in. Why did I wait? They're awesome. I wear them all of the time. So much that I need another pair. Or two. (Three?)

    I have the Sperry's in orange patent (just in case I can't find my feet) and they are not as comfy. My coworker loves hers but maybe the reg leather is softer?

  2. hmmmm Rebecca--I think I might try the Tom's after that rave review :o) How's sizing?

  3. If you hate them, blame me. Sizing is consistent. I wear an 11 in most things and an 11 in Tom's. I just bought the gold glitter ones for my sister for her birthday! (I have olive and am considering another solid.)

  4. thanks! I'm wavering b/t gold glitter (glitter!) and the grey canvas (more practical)

  5. If you don't have metallic shoes, they are essentially a neutral. (Again, blame me!)