Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday: a day off!

Well half a day off at least.  After dealing with rolling blackouts all morning (which in actuality was 30 min without, 10 min with electricity--not an ideal work situation), we finally got the rest of the day off from work.  I know that the rest of the country is undergoing much more severe weather than we are here in Texas but in our defense, we're not used to it at all!!  Once it gets below 32 degrees, it's like my brain ceases to function and all I can think about is:

Hot chocolate

My electric blanket (wasn't this just the best movie ever?)

And watching my new favorite show while in bed with the above two items

Luckily, my wish did come true this afternoon!  Stay warm everyone!


  1. I reallly like your wish list! Today had the schools closed no rest for Mom. Tomorrow they'll be off also. Maybe we should ALL have some of your cocoa and watch the little toaster. We have a copy! Does it matter that they are all teenagers? Nope.

  2. Hooray for hot chocolate. I ended my night with a mug of it last night. Stay warm!

  3. Isn't Biggest Loser the best? Just like you do, I love eating ice cream or other indulgent foods while watching it in bed.