Wednesday, May 11, 2011

London "Must Eat" Recap

Because we spent most of the time sight seeing and on the go, we'd either pick up something quick or eat at the club lounge at our hotel (free!).  So I'm sad to report that we did not get to sample the British version of fish n chips or Indian fare.  However, we did find some good eats and here are a few favorites...

Rasa Sayang is a great Malaysian-Singaporean restaurant in the heart of Chinatown--we loved it and ate there twice.

They had all the traditional food including chicken rice, roti canai 
(with curry on the side) and char kuay teow

We also tried Wagamama, a Japanese noodle house

The grilled fish lunch at John Lewis, a local department store, was especially memorable and a welcome oasis amidst the shopping at Oxford Circus

And of course, I was most excited about London because of tea time.  Scones and pastries galore were provided for us at the Le Meridien club lounge each day from 2-5pm.  B started to get suspicious when I'd suddenly have to go back to the hotel during those hours.

I did try to eat my weight in pastries and found a new favorite--raisin au pain.  This version has some sort of custard in between the layers to keep everything moist and extra delicious.  I would trade one slightly naughty puppy dog in exchange for a raisin au pain right now!

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  1. Mmmmm! Tea time looks yummy! Maybe I need to start having tea time...

  2. Absolutely J! I have tea time every day around 3 or 4 :)