Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Foodzie tasting box

There's nothing better than getting a package in the mail, especially if it contains lots of yummy snacks!  Foodzie describes themselves as "an online marketplace where you can discover and buy food directly from small passionate food producers and growers".  They offer a monthly subscription box filled with tastings of newly found products.  Then if you like the items, you can go on their website where you can purchase the full size products.

I was fortunate enough to receive a free tasting box and I must say, I'm hooked!  
Here's the May box filled with goodies...

Dried pineapple nibbles and my favorite roasted seaweed snacks

Southern tea, delicious biscotti and to die for alfajor cookies
(seriously how have I lived all these years without knowing about these?)

Gourmet sea salts with a suggested recipe (the black truffle salt is fabulous!)

Every single item was a hit!  Now I just have to figure out a way to work this 
monthly Foodzie subscription into our grocery budget!

If you love food, definitely check out the Foodzie site for their unique products such as...


  1. Thanks for the blog post! Glad you liked the box- and really appreciate your photos and insight.

    -jc- content, foodzie

  2. Holy Cow!! My eyes got bigger just looking at your first photo! Yum-O!