Monday, January 9, 2012

Vintage Monday: 1930s National Geographic

BK and I recently went to an estate sale at an old merchant store in Elroy, TX.  The store had been closed up many years ago and was just acquired and opened up to clear out the remaining stock.  There were a lot of neat items like old medicine bottles, greeting cards, a GE refrigerator, old soda crates and lots and lots of catalogs. A pile of National Geographic magazines from the 1930s caught my attention and at one point, I had about 10 of them in my hot hands before BK found me and just shook his head.  Finally I narrowed it down to three and even though they seem really old coming from the 1930s, the first National Geographic was published in 1888! 


  1. I found some 1960s National Geographic and thought they were so cool. These blow them away. Great find.

  2. How much are these worth do you think? I work at a Public Library and we are selling our old unbound NG from 1926-1999.