Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DIY Before and After: Dining room chairs

We completed our first upholstery attempt last week by recovering our dining room chairs.  Here's a before picture with the original cream fabric:

And following these easy steps here, we used some fabric from Ikea to give the chairs a different look:

It was relatively simple, especially with the step by step guide, but we definitely needed 2 sets of hands to be able to pull the material taut and then staple the fabric.  I'm excited because I've signed up for an upholstery class this fall so hopefully there will be many more completed projects in the future!


  1. awesome! i need to do mine too.. come help me!

  2. The chairs look amazing! Love the fabric...

  3. i love that you are taking an upholstery class! i've thought about taking one too, but ah where's the time to do it all. :)