Friday, August 20, 2010

Favorite Friday Recipe: French Breakfast Puffs

Today's recipe comes from the Pioneer Woman again but unfortunately is not quite a favorite of mine.  I did however take pictures so I figured I might as well post!

I had high hopes for these but for some reason mine came out kind of dry and too nutmeg-y and no amount of melted butter and cinnamon sugar coating could save them.  Guess I'll be going to Dunkin Donuts for some Munchkin holes!  If you'd like to try the recipe, you can find it here.

This is probably a good time to discuss my lack of photography skills.  At first I thought my pictures could be greatly improved by getting a better camera, but I've since realized I probably wouldn't know what to do with a better camera anyway.  I hate messing with fancy settings and really just want good pictures without all the work!  I can never figure out which settings are best--so I'm curious to know what you guys think...

With flash?

Or without flash?


  1. i always prefer natural lighting to a flash. but i know how frustrating it can be when there just isn't enough lighting to shoot without one. i'm still trying to figure out my fancy camera. its tough!

  2. Um, those look great! Without the flash!

    I did get two items from the Tucker sale. Can you please video tape your run into target? Also, we need to get together soon!

  3. DH makes a similar french breakfast muffin out of an old Betty Crocker cookbook and they are moist and fabulous. I will try to track down the recipe for you.

  4. I like the natural light better. I feel the same way about taking photos. When I take still photos I usually take about 20 in every different angle/distance that I can think of... that way, I can usually find one I really like. I think you do a great job!