Monday, February 8, 2010

Vintage Monday: danish modern chair

When we were in the final closing stages of buying our home, I began religiously visiting Uptown Modern, a well edited treasure trove of mid century furniture here in town. Their prices are a bit steep but you're paying ultimately for the condition of the items because they usually either reupholster or refinish the furniture they sell. Usually I go to browse and admire but have been fortunate to land a few good deals.

B and I have a goal of starting to accumulate "real" furniture (ie. not from Ikea) and so our first two purchases came from Uptown Modern--our Saarinen tulip table that we use in the kitchen and this lovely Danish modern chair that's sitting in our living room. I wish I had a before picture of the upholstery on this chair--it was obviously from the 60s and hunting lodge chic could be best used to describe it.

I had originally wanted to sew cushion covers myself (crafty crafty) but quickly realized that it would require me being able to piece together a 3D cushion pattern and well, also sew. My mom was visiting for Christmas and I thought to persuade her to sew the covers. Mom instead deflected nicely and offered to bring the material home and get an upholstery person to do it instead.

2 months later (international mail is slow!), the newly made cushion covers arrived in the mail and I was finally able to dress up my new chair! Eventually I'll need new foam cushions but that's for another day.

(shown here with my favorite Missoni orange pillow and Alexander Girard for UO curtains)

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