Monday, February 1, 2010

Vintage Monday: flower brooch display

Flower brooches are another obsession of mine and I think they're a lovely piece of flair on the lapel of a jacket or cardigan. I've been collecting vintage brooches for a few years now, some from travels and others from local garage sales and vintage stores. My jewelry box was getting a bit full and when I finally laid out all my brooches I was a bit startled to find quite the collection. As one can only wear one (maybe two) brooches at a time (trust me on this), I thought I'd try to find a way to display them so that they could be admired more frequently (and serve as good reminder to wear them and not buy a duplicate piece!).

This crafty project was easy to put together. I tucked in some linen on the embroidery hoop and then arranged the pins on them to make sure I liked the arrangement before finally pinning them on. B then helped me hang it in the corner of our bedroom where I am trying to set up a little "dressing corner" (more on that to come soon). It's a pretty piece of decoration that's functional at the same time.

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