Monday, November 8, 2010

Vintage Monday: Better Homes & Gardens Cook Book

I have always wanted an older edition of the Better Homes and Gardens cook book and happened upon this one at an estate sale.  It was published in the 1970s and is in fine condition.


I got to researching a bit more and this is one popular cookbook!  
It is currently in its15th edition in 2010

Here is a great special anniversary edition from 2000 that features 70 years of best-loved recipes from all 10 previous editions of the popular "Red Plaid" cookbook

I have a soft spot for the older versions...





  1. I love cookbooks! Oh, and if the challenge included jewelry, I would be lost. :)

  2. Aha, the "Redcheck Boook"! That's what we tell each other to get when we're in the mood for an old favorite.

    BEWARE, although recipes may have the same name, they may have "improved" them, NOT. We used to regularly call my mom and "fix" my book, because it did not match what I grew up with. Now those pages are worn with love, and I have our favorite recipes memorized.

    I toyed with getting my daughter who is 13 the pink edition, and saving it for her. It just wouldn't have been the same though.

    Thanks for the memories!