Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday: Clare Vivier leather goods

I think I may have just found my birthday present this year.  Clare Vivier bags are locally made in LA and the simple styles and minimal embellishments only serve to highlight the classic lines and quality of the leather used.

Grechen and I were at Spartan today (which may be my favorite boutique in Austin, hands down) and were able to take a look at their selection of Clare Vivier goods.  The leather is super soft and lightweight--a huge plus in my book as I have no inclination for heavy bags (I already stuff my bags full of snacks as is)
Now I'm torn between the gorgeous La Tropézienne (the leather is just amazing)

Or the ever practical Messenger Tote with a zip closure and long strap

Her clutches are gorgeous as well!


  1. Sweet post! Thanks! Hope you get your wish. xClare

  2. I am in such a clutch mood lately. Where can I get these online?

  3. Sharon—can I just tell you I've been drooling over these for years? Great minds...and my birthday's soon, too! (FYI, Clare has a blog and sometimes runs coupon codes, also I think Pretty Mommy has 25% off right now.)

    Happy Thanksgiving from Ryan, Harry and me! xox