Monday, December 6, 2010

Vintage Monday: Pyrex primary color mixing bowls

In B's family, a person can ask to "put his/her name" on an item that they want later.  For example, B's name is on the grandfather clock in his dad's den (not by his choice though), his sister has her name on the rest of the items in the house, and his grandma has a quilt with my name on it.  Well, a few months ago, Grandma L was asking me if there was anything else I was looking for (my response being what am I *not* looking for?) and mentioned that she had some Pyrex mixing bowls but that her other grandson Mark had his name on them.

I didn't think much about it then because of course he's her grandson, he probably has great memories helping his grandma cook/bake with them and that they are special to him.  In that next month, I noticed more and more posts on pyrex collective about the much sought after primary colored mixing bowl set that piqued my interest.  I wondered if those were the ones that Grandma L indeed had and the next time we were in Missouri, I thought I'd ask to see them.  Well imagine my surprise when grandma told me that grubby hands Mark had already taken them after she mentioned that I had asked about them!  I would like to take this opportunity now to formally state that I did not have designs on these bowls, nor thought of trying to replace them with another set, spirit them away, or feign innocence when asked why I had them in my possession.  Ok maybe I did formulate all those plans for just a bit but I didn't carry any of them out!  (B wouldn't help)

So anyways, as you can see from these pictures, I actually do now own a set of primary color mixing bowls, not by theft or sleight of hand.  But rather through my favorite way of rummaging through the antique mall.  These came from the same little shop as my little fridgies and now sit side by side in my Pyrex dedicated cabinet!


  1. I love these bowls. Glad you found some for yourself!

  2. You are so lucky! Congrats on finding the complete set!

  3. They are wonderful and I am glad you have a set and not by hook or crook!