Friday, March 25, 2011

New throw pillows!

I haven't had much time in the last few weeks to cook, bake or photograph any food so I thought this Friday I'd show off some new throw pillows I've recently acquired.  Usually I have orange accents in our living room, but this spring, yellow seemed like a perfect pick me up and so I finally caved and got these two bright and cheery throw pillows.

The triangle/pyramid cover is by the wonderful Austin designer Leah Duncan who also designed one of my favorite prints seen here.   I'd been eyeing this cover at her etsy store for a long time and when West Elm hosted various local designers for a mini showcase a few weekends ago, I got to meet Leah for a few seconds and took the opportunity to claim this pillow cover.  Love the pyramids and bright colors. 

The second pillow with the cutest puppy curled up on it is from Robin & Mould, designers based in the UK.  Seeing this pillow never fails to make me smile and reminds me of my puppies who love to curl up on their own pillows.

Have a great weekend!


  1. So cute, Sharon! Also, let's talk about that little curled up dog. If Harry were a doxie, that might be him!

  2. R--you should've seen Link and Kirby when I put that pillow up--they thought it was a personal toy and I had to give a big lecture about it being a "people pillow", not a "puppy pillow"

  3. Ha ha ha. How'd that work out? I try to use logic with Harry and he always looks at me like "Whatever, lady."

    PS: I saw a bichon with long legs in the store a few days ago—reminded me of Mr. Link!