Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage Monday: LuRay oval platter

Yes, yes, I know I already have fifteen different sets of china that I am collecting but when I saw these LuRay platters in the gorgeous Persian Cream color at the NoMoCo thrift shop for a steal, I couldn't help myself.  (is this what addicts say?)

LuRay was produced by Taylor Smith & Taylor from 1938-1961 in four colors: Persian Cream, Windsor Blue, Sharon Pink and Surf Green (Chatham Gray was added later on).  Facing competition from Homer Laughlin's brightly colored Fiesta Ware, Taylor Smith & Taylor released this pastels line in the spring to appeal to those getting married. They also made sure that the plates were stamped which makes it easier for collectors today.

What I love the best about this oval platter is the fun handle detail--functional and beautiful as well!

ps: this failproof peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe can be found HERE


  1. "Hi, my name is Sharon and I have a problem..."

    No judgment from a fellow addict!

  2. I think you need help with the cookies. You know, so you can see the platter better.