Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday: a puppy nap

I've been enjoying my spring break but it hasn't been as restful as I'd like.  There's been lots of errands, gardening, tidying and not enough napping!  For me at least.  As seen around our house this week...

wait! that's not Kirby's ear...someone's been sleeping in his bed!

Kirby is happy to share his bed for company--they'll be here the entire week

Link tries to blend in with the faux fur throw

Lizzie doing what she does best

And where is Kirby while everyone's sleeping?  
Waiting and watching for a squirrel to chase...
(or a golfer to bark at)


  1. Cute doggie overload!

    Harry loves to nuzzle into things like Link!

  2. It looks like Kirby is having to do all of the work around there. Poor guy! Give him my regards. Signed, the bed stealer's mom

  3. Kirby is adorable, and love the name, too


  4. Ahh! I love all these pups! Among my dog Speck's favorite things is a nap.