Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sunset dinner at the Somerset

One of our favorite evenings so far was a beachfront dinner at the Somerset--one of the many grand hotels that line Grace Bay

It has a gorgeous infinity pool that leads out to views of the beach

We had read rave reviews about Caribbean night from tripadvisor and so were excited to make reservations for the occasion. Tables and chairs were set out right on the beach

Good food was served (you're looking at lots of sides and cracked conch--a local favorite--B had ribs, bbq chicken and grilled fish)

Entertainment was provided by local duo, Nada (just Daniel here, Nadine was off somewhere chatting) while we watched the sunset and stars come out that night

And here's my first attempt at putting up a video to help capture some of the sights and sounds of our evening

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  1. niiiice :) on my list of places to go now!