Thursday, July 15, 2010

Taylor Bay and Chalk Sound

Though we spent most of our time on Grace Bay, we did take a day trip out to Taylor Bay, another beautiful beach on the Caribbean side of the island (versus the Atlantic).  Taylor Bay has the same amazing blue water and white sand but one huge difference is that it is shallow for hundreds of yards.  B and I started out walking to knee deep water and kept walking for at least 300 yards and the water was still knee deep!  Here's a video (sorry for the shoddy video taking) of an almost 360 degree look when I was standing out about 200 yards or so from the shoreline.  And the end of the video you can hear B say--"it's shallow out here!" 

Since Taylor Bay is a bit out of the way, there are very few people there which makes it feel like your own private beach.  The million dollar houses surrounding the beach are really luxurious as well.  We waded around and picked out our favorite seashells.

Then we drove down the road a little to a fabulous restaurant called Las Brisas where we had a yummy seafood lunch.

Scallops for me

And a grilled fish sandwich with fries for B

The restaurant overlooked Chalk Sound National Park--the view was amazing!

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  1. This looks like the most relaxing and delicious vacation!