Thursday, August 19, 2010

Half Price Books: Dallas Edition

Half Price Books is a great used book store chain and there are a ton around Austin that B and I always go to once in a while to scour the 99 cent racks.  When we were in Dallas, we drove by a ginormous Half Price Books and decided to stop in that evening to check it out.  Not only was it 3 to 4 times bigger than any HPB we have ever been in, it was also really evident that a lot of time had been spent into making this store a place where you could actually browse and sit down and relax and read.   There was a cute little cafe attached and lots of seating everywhere (unlike our small HPB where you will find me crouched in a corner thumbing through a book).   And...they had some of the best visual merchandising that I've ever seen.  (I might be partial because they used all vintage items!)

Love these old stained glass window panels hung from the ceiling

Decorating with vintage suitcases and cameras

Shelves were filled with books and various vintage keepsakes like
wooden blocks, microscopes and sewing machines.
Check out the old cash register in the center!

Love this old film projector

Be still my beating heart, an old General Electric refrigerator!

We went on a Saturday night and it was packed full of families, couples and people working on their laptops.  The store really had a great vibe and there was even an outdoor movie showing in the parking lot that evening.

Oh and I almost forgot--one of the best things about our trip was that I got to finally try Pinkberry yogurt! I got a little size of the tart plain yogurt with mochi and mangoes.  Yum!

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