Saturday, August 14, 2010

On the road again: Dallas

We're having a fun filled weekend in Dallas with the family.  Highlights so far include Link and Kirby swimming for the first time!

A little Texas housewarming present we brought up filled with Texas bbq sauce, salsa, Texas shaped crackers and cookie cutter, etc. 

To continue the Texas theme, I got this cool old fashioned personalized wooden address stamp from Notetrunk--a wonderful seller on etsy.  We got one of our own and love it--I highly recommend them! (and they're from Houston!)


  1. So cute! What a great welcome to Texas. Also, I need some swimming doggie pics!

  2. they did SO well R. I am so proud of them!

  3. We took Harry to a friend's pool, put a life jacket on him and (gently) took him in the water, and he was so mad!

  4. I love that woodblock address stamp. It's so charming!

    Marvin loves the water, our neighborhood community pool doesn't allow dogs but we sometimes sneak down there late in the evening and have a short swim anyway. I'd love to see pics of dogs swimming if you took some!

  5. We forgot to play with the stamp! A sample will be coming to you soon!:) Thanks so much for the wonderful basket of yummies!!