Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reading: Catalog Living Part 2

I first discovered this blog a few months ago and posted about it here.  Today I needed a pick me up from work and these pictures and captions especially made me laugh, probably because sometimes I feel like I could be Elaine and B could be Gary.

Elaine still can’t understand why Gary keeps having nightmares about being smothered by birds.

Yes Elaine, I did get the hint that you want to go to the ocean. Why don’t you address my hint first and get me some coffee.

I keep this on the hall table almost exclusively for the occasions when Gary tells me to shut my clam.

Gary, the next time I ask you to “hang the lanterns,” would you please just do it like a normal person?

You can read more at CatalogLiving!


  1. I want to invite Elaine and Gary to dinner.

  2. LOL, this is totally you and b! Especially about being smothered by