Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring flowers: ranunculus are finally in season

So remember my previous post about loving ranunculus?  I finally chanced upon them two weeks ago at the grocery store, squealed in glee and hurriedly rushed them home so I could begin admiring them sitting prettily my cozy little entryway nook. 

Well...I wish this post could end right here, but unfortunately there was a mischievous puppy who shall not be named...

...who by some miraculous feat, managed to balance on his back paws and get high enough to bite the head off one of the flowers and then proceed to gnaw on all the petals on where else? Of course... our bed.

We laughed off the incident but then things turned dire the next morning when he began having blood in his pee.  We then googled and found that ranunculus, along with a surprising number of plants/flowers are toxic if ingested by dogs.  Off to the emergency vet we went and after a week of exhaustive tests, he finally got on the right antibiotics and got better.  And no, it wasn't the ranunculus flower after all, so I'm glad that hasn't tainted my love for them. (Although I'll be glad if I never have to set foot into the emergency vet hospital again!)

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  1. One of my favorite (and imo one of the most underrated) flowers is the ranunculus! Yours are beautiful!