Monday, April 5, 2010

Vintage Monday: Vera linen towel calendar

It's April already? Yikes! I've haven't been blogging lately due to family visiting and a ranunculus flower ingested by a puppy incident. It's all settled down this week now (well not the puppy yet) so let's get to some Monday Vintage goodness!

I thought it'd be cute to collect and display these little linen towel calendars in the kitchen from the years that B and I were born. When I first began searching, there were so many 1977 calendars with great floral patterns and prints that it was difficult to choose. I finally settled on this Vera one with herbs and various flowers on it that I got from etsy. It is in pristine condition--some little old lady hoarded this one well!

So then my search began for a calendar for my birth year--1980, and to my horror, all of the available linen towel calendars out there either have waterwheels or dutch clogs or Italian chefs saying "Bon giorno!" on them. *sigh* I'll keep searching but I don't have much faith in my decade...

Here's the 1977 Vera calendar. I love Vera so so much. In fact I think Wednesday's post will be an All about Vera post!

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