Tuesday, April 20, 2010

March showers bring April flowers

We've had a rainy and cool spring so far and B and I have been hard at work gardening various portions of our front and back yard.  It's exciting to plan and plant flowers and know that we'll (hopefully) see them year after year.

Since this is our first spring in our new house, we were pleasantly surprised to inherit some really lovely flowers.  We spotted several sword shaped leaves arranged in a fan shape sprouting in a garden bed in the back yard and soon found these gorgeous irises--in yellow, purple and white.  We've seen several around the neighborhood too and wonder how long everyone's had them in their gardens.

We also have this great rose bush that is flowering like crazy near the back gate.

Last weekend was spent clearing out and replanting one of the front flowerbeds with some Geraniums and Knockout Roses.  Hopefully they'll grow well and flower even more throughout the year.

And we also found a nice shady spot with just enough morning sun to try our hand at some hydrangea bushes.  If we have a good year or two we might just try our hand at my favorite peonies next!

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